Al Baha Adventure: Raghdan Forest, Dhee Ayn Village, Old Market, Zaitona Farm


Experience another side of Saudi on this amazing adventure. Journey to Al Baha for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This high-altitude city in the Hijaz region is home to historical sites, lush forests and winding valleys. Sitting 2,500 meters above sea level, the city has a moderate temperature and is an ideal place to hike, picnic or camp. On this action-packed trip you'll visit Raghdan Forest, expect to connect with nature and see breathtaking views. You’ll also visit the Dhee Ayn village, a 400-year-old village with unique architecture and a rich history. Also on the agenda is a visit to an Old Market where you purchase a nice souvenir to remember your trip. Lastly, you’ll visit Zaitona Farm, this bucolic sanctuary is known for being the first agricultural tourist destination in the kingdom. Enjoy the sites and experience a variety of activities at the farm.


Meeting point Al Baha
Starts from
2,300 SAR