Van Gogh's workshop

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A Journey into the World of Van Gogh Departing from Jeddah and Mecca to Taif for a Tour Including a Workshop on the World of Van Gogh Van Gogh, named after the famous painter Vincent van Gogh Introduction We begin our journey with: A tour of Kamal's Taif Rose Factory, where you will witness the traditional distillation methods and the process of making perfumes from these roses. Taif roses are known as one of the most expensive fragrances globally. A visit to Damath Resort, featuring a blend of Taif's present and the heritage of our ancestors. It offers children's activities, a Bedouin-style area, archery, waterfalls, mountain sitting areas, small tents, a coffee shop serving traditional beverages, and a variety of traditional and modern games. You can also watch animals and visit the horse stables, where everyone can enjoy watching and interacting with the horses, with the possibility of horseback riding. The resort offers a great opportunity to appreciate the desert nature, the heritage of the past, and the beautiful natural landscapes.


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