Majlis of Art & Tea: Painting Experience

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Join us for a captivating journey of creativity in the heart of the ancient city of AlUla. “The Majlis of Art and Tea"" is a unique experience that marries the art of painting with the timeless tradition of Arabic afternoon tea. Nestled amidst Husaak's farm, surrounded by AlUla’s iconic sandstone formations and date trees, this painting class teaches you how to capture and appreciate the beauty of this Arabian masterpiece. Under the guidance of our artists, you will be encouraged to capture golden hues, dramatic shadows, and ancient landscapes that can only be found in this city. After the painting session, you will be invited to transition into a serene Arabic afternoon tea experience. This isn’t just a tea break to watch your paint dry - you will have a taste into what the Arabs have been known for since the beginning of time, unbeatable hospitality. The stories that come along with tea, sweets, and snacks, will be unforgettable. The Majlis of Art and Tea is an immersion into the colors, textures, and tastes of AlUla.


Meeting point Alula
Starts from
255 SAR