Al Jazeera Equestrian Center: Learn Horseback Riding



Al-Jazeera Equestrian Center in Jeddah is considered one of the largest centers in Saudi Arabia for training horse-riding and boarding. It is located on an area of forty-three thousand square meters and includes the greatest jockeys in Saudi Arabia in hurdle jumping. It also contains a number of horse stables equipped with sheltering rooms for horses, five tracks for training horses and equestrians, a racetrack, sitting places for families, trainees and the public, a cafeteria and amusement parks for children. You can enjoy a variety of activities as specified below. 

More Details

  • This experience is available for everyone.
  • Up to 20 persons can participate in this training simultaneously. 

Club Services

1. Training horse riding.

2. Training on hurdle-jumping.

3. Taming and training horses.

4. Preparing trainees and horses for hurdle races.

5. Hour-system of horse-riding.

6. Teaching methods of breeding and caring for horses.

7. Hiring stables for horse-owners.

8. Hiring carriages for transporting horses.

9. Vet-care and regular check-ups of horses. 

10. Sale of equestrian tools and accessories for jockeys and horses. 

11. After-sale service of horses.

Experience Duration & Schedules

This experience is available every day except Sunday from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

The training is comprised of a total of 10 classes.

For kids, the duration of each class is 30 minutes only and for 7 years old and above, the duration is 40 minutes. 

Prices & Packages

Kids under 7 years old: 650 SAR

From 7 to 12 years old: 750 SAR

13 years old and above: 800 SAR

From 60 kg to 70 kg: 900 SAR

Payment is online via Hala Yalla’s secure payment portal.

Get More Information

If you have questions or need more information in order to book this experience, please contact our customer support team via WhatsApp chat.

You can find in the ‘Need help?’ section on this page below the Location Map.

Cancellation Policy

Your booking can be canceled with a 100% guaranteed refund if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your reservation time.


Meeting point Jeddah
Starts from
650 SAR