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Jeddah – Abha – Riyadh UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient buildings backing on to bustling souks and picturesque streets, and a sweeping coastline full of adventure and entertainment. There really is only one Jeddah, where excitement awaits those who travel from near or far. Prepare to be dazzled by the sights and sounds of Saudi Arabia’s historical gateway to the holy city of Mecca. Tourists can expect to be wowed by the beauty of the Red Sea, paired with a typically warm reception from Jeddah’s residents, who have been welcoming international visitors since 552BCE. In fact, the city recently greeted worldwide soccer star Lionel Messi, who enjoyed spending time with family and friends along the stunning coastline. Located in the untouched south-west of Saudi Arabia, Abha in the Aseer region is lush, green and surrounded by scenic mountains, while a short distance away is the urban hub of Khamis Mushait. This getaway city is perfect for adventure seekers, like Saudi Tourism Authority ambassador Lionel Messi who is supporting discovery of unique places across the Kingdom. And, you won’t find many places that are cooler, in every sense of the word. Generally, the mountainous location is around 10 degrees colder than other parts of the Kingdom. Cable cars traverse the city, so even the modes of transport are a breath-taking voyage, while at night neon green lights illuminate the mesmerising Green Mountain (Jabal Thera). For sky-high excitement, the Al-Dabab Walkway to the south of the city offers a panoramic view of the whole area. Welcome to Riyadh, the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia, where old-world charm meets 21st-century vision. Riyadh translates to “the Gardens,” a reference to the area’s past that dates back to the 14th century when the land was revered for its fertile soil, many canals, and trees. Today it is home to the country’s capital: a modern metropolis with a thriving financial and business center and a growing cultural scene. It’s a city rich in history, boasting myriad forts, palaces and museums, and some of the country’s most colourful souks. As you discover a new side of yourself in Arabia, you’ll discover the many facets of Saudi’s capital.


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