Delightful Mecca Sightseeing Trip


We start our journey from Makkah Al-Mukarramah - Jabal Thawr at Fajr. Heading to the rock under which the Messenger, may G** bless him and grant him peace, and his companion, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, and their guide, Abdullah Ibn al-Ariqat, took shade at the noon stand. We'll eat breakfast on that rock. Head towards the northwest towards Wadi Al-Ainiya) to follow the auspicious ride of the Prophet, according to what was mentioned in the books. Continue walking to the Wasfal and Wadi Al-Ghola area, then we head north towards Diyar and Khmeyat Umm Ma’bad. We continue walking until we reach the site of the robbery of Ibn Malik. After that, we continue the march towards the lunch meal site. We continue our journey towards the Al-Kawthar springs and the valleys of the gorge - Al-Kharar - Thaniyat Al-Murrah until we reach Wadi Al-Hamidah, Wadi Majah - Laqaf - Wadi Kasht - Wadi Dhi Salim - Wadi Tahan - Wadi Al-Qaha - Thaniyat Rukba - Wadi Al-Rim - Abyar Al-Mashi - Quba.


Meeting point Makkah
Starts from
8,700 SAR