Al Manjour Trail (Second Edge of the World)

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Edge of the World is one of the most famous attraction in Saudi Arabia, and it is a place where adventurers, mountain lovers, and hike lovers admire to visit. Edge of the World is a high mountainous place that has been created by time. It is one of Tuwaiq Mountains series that have been formed hundreds of years ago, exactly since 50 million year. Edge of the World was a seabed, and the adventurer will notice traces of valleys, and dry beautiful trails. Hiking there will create a different experience since you will explore the beautiful carving of the rocks that has been naturally formed naturally. This breathtaking place has two types of beauty (Day beauty where the golden sun reflects on the mountains making it look shiny, and night beauty where the serenity of the place make you stargaze at the cliff)


Meeting point Riyadh
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300 SAR