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Presenting a completely unique model for religious, cultural and recreational tourism in the Kingdom Expanding the concept of religious, cultural and recreational tourism in terms of activities and events Creating non-traditional paths in religious, cultural and recreational tourism in the Kingdom Reducing the time for the beneficiaries of our services by providing them in one place Achieving integration between our services provided and the products offered through our store Combining entertainment, culture and adventure at the same time in our tourist trips We have a vision for the welfare of the future whose provisions derive from the basic vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Vision 2030, which is centered on the following: Providing high-quality services to citizens, tourists, and visitors, enriching the religious and cultural experience of the beloved countrymen, instilling national principles and values, strengthening national belonging, preserving and introducing the Kingdom’s Islamic, Arab, and national heritage, improving the quality of services provided in Saudi cities, and improving the urban landscape of Saudi cities, Reducing pollution of all kinds, protecting the environment from natural hazards, protecting and preparing natural areas such as beaches, islands and natural reserves, developing and diversifying entertainment opportunities to meet the needs of the population, and developing the Saudi contribution to arts and culture.
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